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Our translation needs have included both orally during large group meetings and for individual interviews as well as written documentation. We must also note that the quality of the translation was always excellent and we were extremely pleased with the results and the timely manner in which the work was completed. We are more than happy to fully recommend the staff at Quest Translation.

Michael Herlihy, CEO

MPM Development

Written translation: corporate translation and management of document change - manuals, procedures, contracts, business communication and many others.

Certified translation: translation of certificates, car documentation, court files and any other documents that require a certified translation to be used in the target country.

Interpretation services: interpreting business talks, negotiations, assistance during business trips, as well as court interpretation provided by certified sworn translators.
Localization services: each software program requires the input of translators in order to meet the expectations of all its users. We can assist in the process by translating content, names of functions, as well as cultural aspects.

Website translation: We encourage clients to put special emphasis on the translation of websites. Final proofreading provided by a native speaker will ensure the best image of your company.
Trade fairs: We provide language assistance in preparations for fairs as well as during fairs. Business communication and direct contact with potential clients will all be easier with our help.


Page Count

the software we use allows a quick count of rated characters/words in the most popular file formats (Ms Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF etc.). That means the quote you receive from us is quick but most importantly accurate.

we assist our clients in processing documents or transforming PDF files into Word files while keeping their original layout of text and graphics. Close cooperation with our partner, Multidrukarnia, lets us provide services in most formats used for the creation of technical and marketing documents.


Mother Tongue
We use two major software tools ? Word Fast and Trados. They allow reduction of translation cost and a quicker translation process while, at the same time, ensuring consistent terminology and style of translation.
We endeavour to translate into the translator's mother tongue to ensure language accuracy and good style. All deviations from that rule are always consulted with the client.