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A very personal approach to business communication, unquestionable manner outstanding understanding of our needs differentiate Quest from any other agencies on the market

Dirk Kast, General Manager

Quest - Corporate Language Solutions is a modern translation agency which provides its comprehensive translation services to both corporate and individual clients.

We specialize in written translation (regular and certified) as well as interpretation - simultaneous and consecutive - into any requested European language. The most popular languages being: English, German, French, Italian and Russian.

We translate documents coming from various sectors, such as construction, economics, electronics, engineering, law, and many others.

Each document we translate goes through a standard checking process to ensure quality/reliability of the translation.

Our work has earned us the trust of many national and international companies and institutions, not only in Poland but throughout Europe and the United States. We believe that our experience and commitment of our translators will let us fully satisfy your needs.

How we work
We come with our experience in handling small and large projects in various languages ? at all stages of the project we stress close cooperation with the client to ensure optimal quality of the translation.

Our priority is to respond to each request with an accurate and reliable quote within one hour of receiving it. That will always include the scope of work, file format, calculation of characters or words, as well as rates. As long as the deadline has not been provided by the client, we will advise the best we can and remain open to change. Once the order is confirmed, our team of translators commence work, most of the time translating into their mother tongue.

Throughout the project, the whole team cooperate to provide consistent terminology and style and to meet the deadline. Additional specialist proofreading is available upon the client's request. We remain in touch with the client to ensure the terminology we apply is right.

translated documents are delivered in the requested format